What person, place, or thing brings YOU joy?

I wanted to cap off a special couple of weeks — my 100th episode and International Podcast Day — and make something special that you are a part of. So I asked you to tell me what brings you joy and you did so today I want to feature seven amazing people who answered that question. Now, before I do that, let me tell you what brings me joy. It’s the ability of doing this, talking to you about the real true joy of the Lord every week on this podcast. I love doing this so much and I appreciate all of you who listen. So thank you so much. Our voices today will be in order, the following media, moguls, podcasters, and students of the Bible, Paula Lorraine editor in chief of Brilliant awakening magazine, Lori Morrison of the Unlovely Truth podcast, Kim Stewart of Kim Stewart Marketing and host of the Book Marketing Mania podcast, Brittany Boatman of the Trust Falls and High Kicks podcast, Liz Bullard of the Coffee and Convos with Liz podcast, Nii of the Amazing Grace podcast and James Early of the Bible speaks to You podcast.

Thanks again for sharing. What brings you joy?

Paula Lorraine, Editor of Brilliant Awakening Magazine:

For me being in nature brings me intense joy. Anytime I am out amongst, you know, the the beauty of God, I am just in such a happy, happy, joyful place. So that is the thing that brings me joy. My…



Yvette Walker of the Positively Joy podcast

Walker is the host of Positively Joy, a multicultural podcast that takes a mostly Christian look at the search for light in all seasons. www.positivelyjoy.com