Lil Nas X, Satan and the church

Photo by DISRUPTIVO on Unsplash

UPDATED: 5/4/2021

Editor’s note: This story has been getting quite a bit of traffic, but I ‘d like to note the original intent. Lil Nas X released a video offensive to many Christians not because of his decision to come out, but his decision in using the Satanic imagery in doing so. Also, in releasing this just before Holy Week. Not everyone will agree with this, but please don’t call it gay-bashing. Many Christians are affirming, as am I.

Hip hop artist Lil Nas X this week released a new song and music video, “Montero,” in which the Grammy Award winner for “Old Town Road” appears in the Garden of Eden, falls from Heaven to Hell to give a lap dance to Satan, and then snaps the devil’s neck, puts on his horns and appears to assume the new title of the Evil One.

A few days later, limited-edition sneakers that claim to have 60 ml of red ink with one drop of blood in each will be released next week. There are 666 pairs to be sold. Lil Nas X’s name is on the shoe, along with a Bible verse: Luke 10:18. There also is a pentagram on the shoe.

Whoa, where to get started?

This controversy blew up one day away from Palm Sunday, and the shoes planned to be released during Holy Week. Unbelievable.

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Yvette Walker of the Positively Joy podcast

Walker is the host of Positively Joy, a multicultural podcast that takes a mostly Christian look at the search for light in all seasons.