I got married on a Good Friday

Yvette Walker, on her wedding day, walking down to her husband, Tim. (All photos by Jaleccia Ates.)

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Editor’s note: UPDATED for 2023.

I’ve been thinking a lot about Jesus lately:

  • We remember that He went to the grave for our sins, and then came back to life!
  • I’m reading a Bible app devotional about Holy Week through the book of Mark;
  • “The Chosen,” a series about the life of Christ has live-streamed through Holy Week and starts filming 3 on April 25;
  • And my sixth wedding anniversary is Friday — yes, you read that right, on GOOD FRIDAY!

You might think that is a strange day to get married, but we chose it for an important reason. My husband, Tim, and I met on Good Friday in 2015, and I strongly believe that God brought us together. When he proposed on my birthday in June 2016 I knew instantly what day we would wed.

Good Friday appears to be a day of sadness and death and fear, but it also is a day of hope and redemption.

On the Positively Joy podcast, The Rev. Dr. Leah Schade and I talked about how movies depict the life of Christ and some, like “The Last Temptation of Christ,” and “The Passion,” feature all the blood and gore of a horror movie.

But remember all the people Christ came in contact with, even on His way on the Via Dolorosa, including Simon of Cyrene, who helped carry Jesus’ cross. He was forced by Roman soldiers, but Simon had compassion for Jesus.

Think about the criminals he was hanged beside. One only thought of himself, asking Jesus to save them, but one was transformed just being near Jesus, and asked him to remember Him in Heaven.

It is hope, compassion and kindness that Jesus evoked to most who were near Him. And that is why I was happy to be married on Good Friday.

Technically, the wedding day was Friday, April 14, 2017. That was Good Friday in 2017 but since then, Good Friday, like Easter, moves around on the calendar.

We celebrate the day every Good Friday:

In 2018, it was March 30

In 2019, it was April 19

In 2020 it was April 10

Yvette Walker of the Positively Joy podcast

Walker is the host of Positively Joy, a multicultural podcast that takes a mostly Christian look at the search for light in all seasons. www.positivelyjoy.com